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Legal Information and Copyright Notice is a private effort of arx company for the creation of database concerning spirituous drinks, mixtures of them (cocktails) and famous brands.
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All necessary effort is made in order for data to be included in this database. This, however, is in any case not a guarantee for the accurance of information included.

arx reserves the right to withdraw, delete, modify at anytime any kind of information.

The site has been designed to constitute a source of information for web users free of charge, except for the existing each time fees of telecommunication and connection.

Due to the nature of the subject and other special conditions, like possibility of data entry and evaluation inside the database by users, information should not be considered as obligatory or objective.

According to the above arx in any case can not be considered responsible for any damage or loss that may occur, including escaped profits, positive and depository damage, due to any use and perhaps inaccurate or false information.
In any case the responsibility of arx is restricted to the minimum allowed by law at present. arx considers that site's users have read the present document and agreed with it.

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Lawbreakers will be percecuted by criminal law.

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