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Privacy Statement

For all of us here, in, internet users are more than just visitors who search for information.

Above all, they are people, who, except for information, have the need to communicate. Communication is easier in internet and we promote it, make it easier and forward it.

Your personal data and e-mail addresses will be asked for by the system only when that is considered necessary, in order for an action of yours to be accepted, like your registration in newsletters, as that the valid participation in a contest for credibility reasons.
This data is used only in the limits of the certain cause, for which data has been given by you and for which you have given us your consent to use it, when you inserted it.

Data is never seised, with or without barter, to other people for any reason, unless there is stipulation for something like that by a user, selecting corresponding areas.
Anyone offended by this policy must send an e-mail to the address, stating analytically the reasons.

Concerning use of cookies in

Cookies are a rather small (size <= 4kb) piece of information, which server may send it to you and which are saved in the temporary memory (cache) of your browser and access to them is possible only by the server that sended them or other servers, which the server authorises for.

As you can read in official page of cookies specifications, it is substantially impossible to be used with the purpose to violate or wiretap your personal data or files that you have saved in your computer, as well as it is impossible for someone else except for server to get access to.

However they are necessary for certain purposes, as the registration of a page, to where you prefer to be transfered automatically during your entrance to or your participation to a certain contest.
So, If you wish to exploit those possibilities, we request for their activation.
As in the cases above, none of the information-by virtue-revealing cookies will be used in different limits, but be used in those limits for which it was designed for.

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